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:The Rants and Raves of a Bored Man

26 August
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So...umm...these whole bio things really are an underrated attempt at torture, no? It seems perfectly natural to use them so other people get the feel of you in a non-perverted way, but once I get on here with everything I want to say in mind, I touch a key and my mind goes blank. I feel like Special Ed for a bit before finally typing out some bullshit, but oh well, you weren't here for the bio, right?

Let me see, what can I tell you? Well, I am a full-time Webster University student and at the moment work for a city where people tend to carbon copies of people I used to see on Jerry Springer when I was younger. Either that or I am just not one one would call a people person. I am studying Marketing management, and hope, in my little dreams, to be a copywriter...I also want to be an author and screenplay writer, kind of switching the same gears that Augusten Burroughs had but those are back-burner dreams of course, but who knows, even Charles Nelson Reily, in some twist of fate by Andy Warhol's prophecy that everyone would get fifteen minutes of fame, was popular for a time (even getting a little more known now besides his voice over work in All Dogs Go to Heaven thanks to reruns of The Match Game on GSN).

I have a huge mania for films (which you can see my collection here at My DVD List at DVD Aficionado) and books, and a slightly less of one for music. Favorite films are as diverse as All About Lily Chou Chou, Ghost World, The Opposite of Sex, American Beauty, Dancer in the Dark, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Shallow Grave, Spirited Away, Steamboy, Happy Endings, Lost in Translation, Girls Will Be Girls, et cetera. Even in music I am diverse, liking bands from Kill Hannah, The Dresden Dolls, Gavin Degraw, the Scissor Sisters, Emilie Autumn, Beck, Garbage, Mindless Self Indulgence, Jason Mraz, Franz Ferdinand, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Gorillaz, and the Rat Pack; my favorite singer of all time is, as if you really can't tell, Björk. Other than that, I am mostly artsy-fartsy and I love just meeting new people (though I am a little more cynical about them), and just hanging with friends.

My journal is not that exciting...but, to each his own, no? So if you are looking for some thing just to read to waste time as I do when I write on here...come on in. But if you are looking for something way exciting or vulgar or sexually charged...there are thousands and thousands of journals on here. So good luck.

Sidenote...my thoughts on what people think of me are as below...
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