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:The Rants and Raves of a Bored Man
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So, unlike usual, I have disappeared apparently. I have received emails from a few online friends wondering if I was dead or just got poor and had to sell my computer or something, I am indeed still around, just been kind of busy and gotten addicted to my myspace account (www.myspace.com/mati84). I know, I know...I always said it was stupid and for the weak-minded, but to tell you the truth, I just have.

Nothing much new to report...since the semester has began, only a couple really big things have happened. I went to Chicago with a couple of friends for the weekend to go to Millenium Park and see the gay games (which weren't as bad as thought they were gonna be); I have been talking to a couple guys and dating a few...which is weird because it actually feels good not to have to deal with a bullshit relationship right now and who knew I of all people would be saying that; I am back in talks to go possibly to the uni in England that I wanted to go to before (Richmond) to finish up my degree because I have kind of wanted to move there once I graduate any how so it would be simpler to just already be there! Things have actually been looking up...which for the irrational cynic that I am is kind of weird. I talk to people a lot easier...even making (gasp!) friends at Webster now which I actually have around for liking them instead of just not wanting to sit there on my own.

I am actually talking to a new guy right now, which is kind of strange...he is a cute little fucker, but the one thing I can't get is why he likes me. Now, this isn't the usual woe is me kind of shit, but we all take notice of how gay people, or people in general I should say, make their connections. They are usually attracted to people who are at least on their level. This guy is cute as hell, 5'6' skinny little-type, mature and very intelligent, while I encompass only one of those qualities--intelligence. But really...can some one be attracted to some one else just through smarts...who knows and I am kind of intrigued to find out.

I am actually talking to another guy named Matt...yeah, the two Matts is what we are already being called by his friend Liz. He is closer to my age, nice, not too good looking, but cute for his humour and more my build. Not that I am saying it should be what I like him more for but it's just weird to have to balance this talking shit. lol.

I wouldn't necessarily call what I am doing serial dating really, but keeping my interests and options open. I have only fucked, like, twice since the break up months ago, and really, they were both drunken fiascos (one of which was a three-way with a different ex and their current partner...oy).

All I have to say is that this whole "not-being-single-for-five-years" thing got fucking old and now that I am, i am enjoying it. Not that if something happens between the guys I am talking to and I happens (i know, my wording sucks, but you get the gist) I would fight it, but I am wisening up and just more cynical where it counts: faggots. lol.

I am pretty much, with the little time I can actually get into my fucked up schedule which will soon be filled with an internship, while working, and going to school, hanging with my friends and just enjoying being able to be on my own. I am getting my plans back together to move out hopefully before it snows and live in the city by myself or with a friend.


Okay...now i am gonna mutter this and it may shock those that I actually talk to frequently (which, honestly, isn't many of you on here) but I am happy! yeah...look at that word...it's precious. lol.

Ciao. Hope everyone's time in school/work/whatever is going great and hopefully I can get to updating a lot more.

PS-- I love the Delmar...it has gotten to be place I seem to make an appearance at at least three times a week. SubZero is fucking excellent too if you guys like sushi (it's by the Cartel, but I warn you, the drinks are a little expensive for the area...$9 for a blood orange cosmo...fuckin' A!).

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